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About Us

MECRA is a not-for-profit organization aiming to promote and develop clinical research within the MENA region.


MECRA was founded by senior clinical research professionals who acquired their expertise in clinical research through different key positions in Research and Development in multi-national pharmaceutical companies.


MECRA members represent the healthcare community interested in developing their knowledge and know-how in Clinical Research. These include IRB members, investigators, clinical monitors, study nurses, sponsors, regulators, and many other stakeholders within the clinical research community. It is managed by a very solid outstanding and knowledgeable board including key opinion leaders and experts from the region.


MECRA wants to foster the exchange of information and communication among clinical research professionals in the MENA region.





Improve MENA’s attractiveness for industry trials, boost its scientific competitiveness, and result in better healthcare for MENA citizens.




·         Promote clinical trials in the region, through communication, trainings,               exchange of information and experience between members and with                 other similar international associations.

·         Promote awareness of clinical trials among public.

·         Exchange experience among its members.

·         Contribute to the development of national clinical research                                 infrastructures

·         Promote transparency and clinical trials registration in the MENA

·         Foster a harmonised regulatory environment and shared ethical                         standards.

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